Friday, June 19, 2009

Extra extra read all about it read all about it

On 19th June at an estimated time of 12.15pm, i decided that it was about time to kill the ugly maybe beautiful butterflies in my stomach. I don't care. It was due to my inquisitive mind upon my uni acceptance results.
I typed, which is the official website to check on the status and waited patiently for a few seconds after so many entries before that and then there were even bigger scene whereby my next door neighbor called me out with her exciting tone of voice reporting to me that their hamsters bore 6 babies, it was all red and yucky, i couldn't stand the sight of it.. gelilar... , anyway back to the story... then came a PINK page. very peculiar i thought Pink!!?? of all colours??. I then carefully keyed in my IC number and the rest required details and submitted it.

If I were a boy......I would turn of my phone.... tell every.... ( my ring tone sound ). I picked it up.

It was my aunt calling me ever since early in the morning asking me about my results.... as I was trying to explain why it took so long and bla bla.... Poof!! I screamed!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I got it I got it!!! I got LAW!!! Then told her the about the rest of the details. After hanging up, I screamed again while running downstairs jumping on the ground and screamed to my brother, " I got law i got law i got law yay yay ". I jiggled and dance little.

I got what i want and exactly what i applied plus it was my first choice. Lucky me, I guess I'm smart in choosing the right courses and the university (perasan hehe). My teacher called and congratulate me for making the right choice ;-) ! She promised me a free Yam Cha treat! Yippie!

Sorry If my blog is hard to read. I'm blogging with I don care heart! because i got LAW!!! muahahahahahhahha

kesian my bootsie... he'll be alone at home... :-(.. so sad.

Miss V

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