Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kuching Trip

I'm not Kenny Sia nor am I the best person to describe how Kuching is like. That's because I had a bad tour guide, my brother, Wei Kwang. For a person who has not been to Kuching before I felt like there's so many more places I've not been in my 5 days trip there. Well, of course the main reason why i was there is to attend my brother's convocation and to watch him deliver the ah ahh ahh speech on stage with all the Big Heads on stage. ( One may wonder why is he chosen? weird....) Yes i like to carper about him.... he's used to it... I'm after all this best sister on earth! ( like he has a choice hahaha) see how nice we looked together?? hahaha...

Here's how my kuching trip went about. I started arriving at the Kuching International Airport alone. That's right alone... Su Yin gave me that creepy look for boarding alone and it actually lurks and triggers my chicken heart. But anyway, i made it.

Arriving in the evening, bro brought us to mini memorial friendship park where Laksamana Cheng Ho was the biggest highlight, chucked and stucked sculpture right in the centre of the park.

that's my cousin sis posing with the dead man hahahaha.......

Then we had our dinner in a Steamboat BBQ restaurant... the BBQ part was fun, sizzling and dumping ur own food in, but RM19 bucks per person was not worth it. After that, my two cousins bought so many VCDS which all cost almost RM100.

Few places we drop by, with a lot of walking around Kuching. What is the car for!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Anyway here are some of the places we went.

Chinese Historical Museum. Very small, but i love to see the display of the chinese musical instrument. Wish i could pluck it!

Inside there were many description on many different types of chinese's historical background... hokkien, cantonese, foo chow, and many more la.. lazy to read all those..

Semenggoh to catch the orang utans! However, this trip only my brother and I went. It wasn't fantastic trip as i thought i could pat the baby orang utans or feed them. There wasn't many orang utans left because many has gone back to the forest only few faithful ones would return for food here.
Teh c Special. cheh klang oso got la!
Dad and mom posing for camera before the entrance.
Guests had to put on the mask the whole ceremony. I got in, disguising as some one's wife as there were only two invites for each graduates.
Miss V always gets her way. muahaahahaha.. *evil laugh*
It was boring as usual... the funniest part was my bro's speech. They actually chose him to represent his faculty on stage! hahahaha....

nothing much to yap about. that's all for now Ken!

Miss V


  1. yeah gitu ba! hahahaha.
    5 days u go kuching but then tak banyak tempat pun you all visit?

  2. yala like that only la... so sieeeennnnnnnnn...
    got food fest la so so so long but how much can we eat rite???