Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear diary,

I wanna grow up fast.
Grant me a time travel machine to bring me forward,
to the time where I have my own house to live,
away from all the miseries in the world,
just breathing in my own space,
with my dear little bootsie.

Miss V


  1. Not sure if you realize this, but your blog title is the same as my blog name.

  2. Growing up = more responsibilities :(

  3. Kim : you're not gonna sue me for plagiarism right? such a coincidence! I've visited your blog and really and truly you're blog is really really a creative blog! cool!

    Anonymous : hehe.. rather than being stuck here...

  4. Stuck at home? Klang? Or ?

    Well.. at least u will be away from home many months a year to study at another place. Me? Studying and living at the same town.. :P

  5. i feel ya pain sista.
    i so wannna skip these dreadful years of infinite law books.
    then i think about how skipping years mean i'll be aging too.
    not so fun.

  6. Grant me a time machine to travel backwards,
    I need to undo my past, my mistakes,
    I live choosing not to have any regrets,
    But Boy! This one, sure pushes to its very last thread!