Monday, June 28, 2010


I do not understand the tolerance level of these stadium soccer spectators' ear drums. They must have SUPERMAN's pair of ears to bear with the loud and highly intense sound of this plastic blowing horn called Vuvuzella.

As far as I know, the high sound pressure levels if blown at a close range can lead to permanent hearing loss for the unprotected ear. I could barely hear the crowd supporting or jeering on the teams or referee anymore, the entire football match has been filled with zzzzzzzzzzzz tunnnnnnnnn ppppooooonnnnnn sounds from the horns. The playback slow motion would normally tell me whether the supporters are cursing or praising. No fun seeing their lips moving, I wanna hear them! Only Britney Spears is allowed to mime okay.

see that warning sign?? Wow, by just having this exclusion clause on the Vuvuzella, the person who blows the horn can be exempted from liability on the possibility of severe damage to the hearer?

Coool..... being a person who yen for having all musical instrument one day, I would love to have one of these dangerous monotone horns in my dream collection. Blings

xoxo, Miss V dreaming again....

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