Monday, June 14, 2010

Video/Cover by me

It's been fairly long since............................oh nvm.

Anyway, what's new is that I've come out with a video of myself doing a cover, on a song called "Say It Again" by Marie Digby. Singer 1

I've been really shy and was seriously contemplating whether or not to post this on Blog or even on Facebook but anyway it's already on Youtube so i finally have guts to show ya all some piece of me!
While doing this video my "supportive" brother was saying how awful I sound!
*which explains why I was having a hard time posting this*

Well click on the link below and see it for yourself!
All kinds of comments are welcome!
I wanna know what you think.


  1. Nice! You did it! Good job Wei Li. You look beautiful in it and you sung well.

    Could see you're nervous though, were you? =P

  2. Yes, I saw you all the way from Holland! So weird to see you on the pc! You looked great but nervous though! Didn't know that you are so brave!
    A.Lai Yoke