Thursday, December 1, 2011

Confession : Gossip

Oh man… I felt so guilty for engaging myself into a gossip affair earlier.

Usually I kind of shrug it off and try not to gossip myself but I just let it got into me awhile ago.
Perhaps I felt like I was subjected to the stereotypes of how a social convention of that representation works,
just so I could fit in.

Felt like I was bullying the absentee by not only participating into it but also encourage the insertion of errors and hence create another variation of it, on which i believe half of it cannot be true! 
(Gosh….-knock my head to the wall-)

Well, another optimistic way of looking at what damage I've done is that maybe in one way or another, the common interest we shared through this nature of communication will create a relatively higher level of friendship among the mutual chatters. (maybe not...zzz)

But hey, do we have to resort into hurting the absentee’s feelings, just so we can have the so called, “good” friendship? (that's crap, i know)

After coming into my senses like 1 minute after we part into our separate ways, I can easily feel a great sense of remorse bubbling up from within me. Not only do I feel ashamed of what I did but there’s this sudden low self-esteem energy came flowing too. Miss V just cannot function this way! 

I’m neva gonna wanna do this again. Like evar! GOtta watch what I say. Period.

Miss V

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