Saturday, December 24, 2011


Recently, I’ve been carrying around a heavy suitcase of the homesick blues. 
Ever since my aunt said she’s returning home to the place where I belong, I have been feeling increasingly melancholy and nostalgic. Feels like I am missing the familiarity of being in my home town. 

What is it like not to have a curfew, what is it like to roam freely, what is it like to satisfy my cravings anytime I like, what is it like not having people to stare at you strangely, what is it like to shop in a beautiful complex, what is it like to pamper my Bootsie, what is it like showering in a warm water, what is it like to just rest in the air-conditioned room, what is it like watching movies for hours, what is it like?......i can go on and on.... 

This amount of assignments’ preventing me from revising the tedious looking books for the major exam, just a slight word of exam gives me a panic attack since it’s just around the corner! (yeah screw the lecturers from cramming all the assignments in December!!!) I find myself resenting them and the people around me for no apparent reasons.
I guess i just found myself being caught in a suitcase of homesick.  

Miss V

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