Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Korean time... Annyeonghaseyo

My recent notion on which I’m excessively concern on is learning the language of the Koreans.
“hangug-eo ye. jeoneun hangug salang”  which means, "Yes Korean, I Love Korean"

The idea of practising the language has dominated my thoughts and feelings so persistently that it managed to taught me into mastering the once-most-hated–but-now-adore-it song called “Nobody Nobody by the Wondergirls”. I could even play and sing it on guitar.  -grin-

I’ll watch the Korean’s soap opera all day long and in the midst of it quickly and briefly jot down the prominent and noteworthy lines from the dialogues and thereafter pathetically recite it on my own. Nonetheless, the most amusing part of all is to get a stupefy look from friends after uttering the language to them because they'll have the "what the...??" look. 
The worst case scenario is to introduce yourself in Korean during presentation for Islamic Banking & Finance class last night and that's when you know you're caught in this dangerous obsession. LOL!

Miss V
-hangug gago sip-eo-

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