Friday, March 16, 2012

I laid my trust in the Lord with all my heart.
Not only did He listens to my prayers but He had also answered them all by granting me with bountiful and wonderful blessings in life.

First is pertaining to academic where I managed to be competent enough to qualify myself under the Dean's List Award. ^_^

Second, was to taste the sweetest victory ever when we defeated last year's champion and emerged as winners of  the 2012 National Client Consultation which was held in USIM last week.

Winners of this competition will represent Malaysia next month to compete in the Louis M.Brown & Forrest S. Mosten "International Client Consultation Competition 2012" hosted by the Law Society of Ireland in Dublin. ^_^

Can't wait to go Ireland! 

Third, just transpired few hours ago where I was awarded as the Faculty's Best Student  :-) 
I love the Lord, He has been so good to me! 

Oh and also flowers that cheered me up!
Thank you, you kind hearted people who voluntarily hand it to me without expecting any form of consideration back. 

Trust in the Lord always.

Miss V
-had a wonderful time tonight-

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