Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scene 1 : At the Giant Hypermarket

Male Cashier : Are you a chinese?
Me : Yes.
Male Cashier : I thought you're Japanese. 
Me : No. (with a delightful feeling inside)
Male Cashier : Usually Chinese girls are thin right?
Me : -gave a death stare at him-
Female Cashier : Are you trying to say she's fat?
Male Cashier : No I'm not, she's just fleshy.
Me : -gave a light sabre stare wishing he's dead already-

Scene 2 : On The Same Day

I immediately felt uncomfortable with the Cab Driver as he was gazing steadily at me when the car was stationed as if he was curious over something. (or maybe admiring my beauty, hehehe)
I was not filled with sudden fear because I had my friends at the back of the seat, so without hesitance I boldly questioned him about it. 

Me : Why are you staring at me?
Cab driver : Are you a Japanese?
Me : Oh God, No! 

Okay, so my day didn't go bad after all. 
That brief and awkward communication with a stranger who has no due regard for the rights and feelings of my sensitivity, especially on the yellowish greasy substance that's forming below my skin abundantly, has at some later time stopped to exasperate me. 

Miss V

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  1. Thank God you're fleshy! Or that yellowish greasy substance would have erupted so quickly. :-P