Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pretty Little Liars

Yes people, I'm a fan of Pretty Little Liars! 
The mysterious guessing game on who this anonymous character "A" is, okay fine, if you watched the last finale of Season 2 you would have known who A is and I'm not going to spill the beans, but still...... it's not over because "A" had an accomplice who seemed to be the Mastermind of all the wicked  plans and incriminating texts purporting to threaten the girls for who-knows what reasons it may be.

It appears to me that I'll write whenever I'm having a test soon (like in few hours).
I wonder if too much emphasis on the eye, with the cruel and unjust manner to the physical and mental treatment the subject of Land Law had given me, could be the answer. 
The liquid in my body is gradually becoming dry from this exhaustion, i wanna go home! :-(

Miss V
-Happy April Fool's Day-


  1. thank you so much for not spilling the beans! i only started watching during last year's year-end hols so I'm still halfway through season 2 hahah!

  2. oooo i didn't really say much i hope... hehe... at least i didn't give out the gender :-p ...