Friday, April 1, 2011


This blog is dedicated to my Parents and Family members.
I smell ka-ching!! $$$


Yesterday was an amazing day for me as I won the Best Student Award, Dean's List Award and Lucky Draw!!! How "ONG" (lucky) is that!
Okay, i'm just being humble here as there's no such thing as luck, I obviously earned it with my own hard sweat and blood and not forgetting to God be the glory for great things comes from Him and I couldn't have done it without His miraculous help!!!

Speaking of which my health is really going haywire and i need to do m
edical check-up. :-(

anyway here are the evidences of my winning.

1. Dean's List Award
2. Best Student (Faculty)

3. Trophy for Best Student (Faculty) Award

4. Book for Best Student (Faculty) Award

5. Hamper for Best Student (Faculty) Award.

6. Lucky Draw - that small paper bag beside the hamper is the prize, ha
haha what are the odds!

Ok this guy won the Best Ko-Kurikulum Award.

So Mei Yin / Suan Ko if you have time on Sunday, please show this to my parents!! thanx!!

Miss V
-Boasting time!!!- hehe

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  1. Yeah! BIG Congrats to you! Well done with all the awards and you so deserved them with all the hard work! how cool is that both of us have earned some awards this week! Woot! Woot!