Thursday, April 7, 2011

Often wonder why some people have enough time in the world that they can hand in assignment in time, handle few companies at one go, being active in co-curricular and still excel in academic? How do these people find time to complete everything on time? What more if they're married and have responsibilities as spouse, child or parent? How do they manage to juggle all these tasks at one shot?

I think the idea is to have a picture or a target in life and in order to reach that picture you got to work everything around you.

Lets take a jigsaw puzzle for an example, if I were to give you 1001 pieces of jigsaw puzzle without showing you the end picture of the puzzle, would you have complete the puzzle? Of course you would but it'll take a longer time to complete it as compare to if you already have the picture right in front of you. I guess the same applies in life. If you have a picture in life then God-willing you will complete all the task you have without difficulty and probably on time. That is if you want to complete it.

The problem with me is, I have a picture in life but it's jz too impossible to achieve. Call me low self confidence and determination, for all I care, but hey at least I'm being realistic.


  1. Life is too complicated to plan, Ms.V! Just let the nature tkaes it's cause when you think are unable to plan it!

  2. Start with one piece! Then another! Don't rush things! Before you know it, it's no longer a jigsaw picture, but reality! All the best! ♥