Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong,
Windows and rooms, that i'm passing through,
This is just a stop on a way where I'm going,
I'm not afraid because I know,
This is my temporary home.

I have big dreams, dreams that I want to achieve before I die,
How shall I list them and wish for my children to ever fulfill them for me?
Children? Wait a minute, they're not even in my plan.
I'm gonna aim big, gonna aim for a scholarship to pursue my Master maybe in Holland? haha dream on Miss V and I know that it'll take me a long time for me before I start working in the real field, by then my dad is old and sick :-(... but I love to work first too maybe as a diplomatic officer since it sounds like my kinda job.

I know what I want, but I can't get what I want. :-(
Kinda sad but it's okay at least I'm stumbling upon opportunities in life which I never imagine I would have if I'm not here. Thank God for some of the wonderful people I'm with, that He gave me an opportunity to make money with my guitar. :-) Who knew someone would hire a lousy guitarist like me. LOL.

God does work in many ways. Imagine if I were in other place, there wouldn't be opportunities like this. I'm not saying performing is one of my dream,in fact it's never my dream and I always think it's impossible, who knew, well it's a fun thing to do as a side income during my uni life. :-) I mean, how many students does performing as a side income? hehe.. this would be LEGENDARY!

Ok enough bragging already Miss V. time to sleep, big day tomorrow.

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