Sunday, April 17, 2011

J'ai besoin d'une robe pour le mariage de mon cousin!!! Ce qui est le plus mauvais est je ne sais pas quelle sorte de la robe m'user. :-(

You know, I’ve always been extremely passionate in becoming a skillful French speaker. Predominantly, inspired with movies and I will under no circumstances fall short to be fascinated and moved when someone speaks a Romance language. I’ll go like oh-my-gawd I love how it sounds and gosh J'aime le Français!!!!

I have this really longing wish to master the French's language and it must be achieved before I die and in exceptional case where my grandkids can’t afford a French tutor then a Spanish tutor will do. Be careful there, this is my will and you kids shall make it happen or else granny Wei Li will haunt you….. oooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu…….-chilly-


  1. Lol... come back down to mother earth for a minute will ya? You are not going to go that fast as i shall not permit you to do so... We shall master the language together so cheer up!

  2. Il n'a pas d'importance. Plus important encore, vous avez une robe pour votre propre mariage! Et je ferai en sorte, vous êtes la plus belle mariée du monde! Je sais que vous serez!