Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yeah! This Friday night would be a 1malaysia theme from Part 2 (my batch), why is it you may ask??

Because Part 2 is required to perform during the Annual Law Dinner which would be held in a 5 star hotel/resort/whatever.... and we took the liberty to perform. Who are we? (Me-chinese-guitar, Akmal-malay-guitar, Pris-indian mix bidayu- vocalist) See what i mean by 1malaysia??

Hope everything goes well!

p/s : something's wrong with my blog... i can't seem to get many options to vary my texts. It's all gone. Anyone?? help?


  1. Your batch not badge! :P
    Why am I correcting you anyway? Must've got it from your aunt! :P

    I look forward to see it posted as most viewed in youtube! ;-)

  2. Good luck on the performance! :D