Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jz came back from BINA NEGARA camp.
compulsory, or not, there will be no graduation scroll for me,
so I went with a heavy heart especially when it was just a day before that, a motor hit the car I was driving and they flew. It was serious, almost thought it'll be a fatal one. Thank God everyone was safe.

I'm so so poor now, rm1900 is gonna go to the car owner, motorcyclist, and police.

anyone has a part time job, which I can do from home?
am wondering what kinda job to do during the sem break time. :-( .

current mood : sad, traumatised.


  1. Thank God you're alright! :)

  2. You may want to consider data entry jobs! You can do them from home! Type "data entry part time malaysia" in your search engine, you may find plenty! Some send the training list straight to your e-mail, some require you to attend training. Don't think you can attend the latter! But good luck with the former! I tried myself, but they didn't reply me back and that could be frustrating. Who knows, your luck may be better! All the best!