Monday, March 15, 2010

Gosh my Uni is not safe anymore....
Last two days ago, a sex maniac encroached a girl's room while she was sleeping. When she realized the presence of the maniac, he did something to her like maybe hit her till she faints and then he started cutting her clothes off and take pictures of her naked body. Later he blackmailed her to see him if she wants her pictures back. Scary!

Man, people cannot be trusted, even if she sees him I bet he has already made many other copies of her photos since he has malicious intention in the first place.

Psycho maniac! so girls.... lock your main door and your room door... (suddenly there's so many doors in my head)... the balcony door and the laundry door!
Take good care of yourself!


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  1. Safety of your home is one thing, safety on the road is another! Always travel in groups, and you may want to consider making your own pepper spray! Be safe! Your well being means the world to someone!