Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arabian Night

Law Dinner was overall a successful event Cheers although there were several unorganized parts here and there, but if it weren't for it, we wouldn't have so much fun wandering around taking pictures through out the entire time!

Apologies for our misbehaved actions upon which we got carried away by so many camera flashes that we fail to portray respect during the showing and revealing emotional presentation and speech moments from the Diplomas and Degrees who will be leaving soon.(such a mouth full) Oooops!Scared 2
Sorry guys, like i said, there were no restrictions in wandering around, pretty much this is the weakness i see in this event.
Kinda sad, but indeed i enjoyed every second of it!

Everyone looked so stunning in their outfits, it was awesome to see about 97% were sporting enough to support the Arabian theme!
It was an amazing experience for me as I thought people will be dressed in Baju Kurungs and Baju Melayus, but oh no, Miss-V was soooo wrong!
The atmosphere felt like an Alladin night!

The 1malaysia mini-band did a good job as well!Singer 1
I heard we were the best on stage if you were to compare it to other performances.
I love the band as we were so different in terms of culture and background and yet we manage to work it out together!
This is what i call, 1malaysia spirit! Bravo!!
Special thanks to Pris for singing all 3 songs beautifully and Akmal for being such a brilliant guitarist!Firehead
Together we rock the stage~!!

FYI songs performed were - Kiss me, Leaving on a Jet plane and Kau Ilhamku.

Food was awful!! I didn't expect a 5 star hotel to have such bad cooks.Rolling Eyes

Miss V


  1. I like the smileys! Lolz.
    Lookz like you've got it figured out!

  2. Can't wait for the performance vid! :D

  3. anonymous 1 : yeah finally....

    Anonymous 2 : mmm... i had to adjust the volume of the video as it wasnt clear enough.... once i get it done i'll post it... but definitely not soon.