Monday, March 1, 2010

Great escape

Will be away for BTN camp tomorrow.
Finally some air to breathe and i hope it's a good air.

People has been acting weird lately, including me and all of this act, is due to the fact that none of us have the time to hang out as we're all pretty occupied with stuffs.

S said , " cafe is interesting nowadays"
I asked, " why????" (with a surprising tone)
S explain, " it's interesting to see the way people eat in cafe and see people talk in cafe...."
I said, " OMG!!! This just proves that our life here is so dull that the only interesting thing around here is seeing people eat and talk in the cafe??!!!!"
lolz.... we laughed.

Basically, although we're so not looking forward to squeeze this camp in our tight schedule, but we're kinda relieve as it'll be a form of escape from suffocation.

till then
Mis V

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